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Jaseel C K

Co-Founder & Learning Design Lead

It goes back to the time when me, a 21-Year student, travelling through North India and that day I was at Bare Foot College in Rajasthan. It was an afternoon of January 2016, while a woman in her 60s caught my attention.

"We are women of India....." went her words.

She was a traditional Rajasthani woman who was illiterate, still, the confidence and strength in her voice, the stories, the incidents she was narrating struck me hard. Never did I think those stories, those words, that woman herself would influence me, change my ideas about life, shuffle my priorities or that it would be a turning point in my life.

Till then, I was a person who was looking for material happiness, living in a materialistic life and all my aspirations and dreams were wrapped around it. Eventually, unknowingly, the women I met at Rajasthan happened to have me motivated to live in a world of humans and not machines. Feeling the mankind, listening to them, talking to them, all these little things gave me happiness.

Later, I understood that if I wanted to change the world, I had to change the people. So little could I contribute as an individual, and it could be made ‘n’ times by involving more youngsters. A candle in a darkroom can light it, but it brightens with the number of candles. I wanted to pursue this idea and help the youth brighten the world with strength of togetherness.

My passion evolved in such a way that I help young people to volunteer, lead and transform people and society in the Environment, Gender and Educational sector. Find More about Jaseel Portfolio Website - Author Website -


Jaseel C K
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