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The Great Indian Treasure Hunt


The Great Indian Treasure Hunt is an experiential learning program intending to allow our youngsters to explore the world of social change, environmental solutions, and team experiences. There are 2 week, 1-month, 3-month, and 8-month editions of Treasure Hunt which are available for Indian youth aged 18 to 35.

Every year, 12 to 18 participants will be selected through written applications and interviews. The selected participants will travel across different geographies of India in teams of four. Each team will have a diverse set of participants who have unique skill sets. They will engage in different environmental and social organizations.

The program has six different phases: Sky, Water, Fire, Metal, Earth, and Air. Each phase focuses on learning and individual growth with specific outcomes.

Phases of the The Great Indian Treasure Hunt

Highlights from previous edition

The Journey Map

Journey Map.jpg

* Host organizations may vary for each program, reflecting our commitment to dynamic partnerships and diverse learning experiences.

The change we envision 

In India, children are overprotected and prevented from experiencing a free and adventurous childhood, and young persons are not encouraged to ask questions, have opinions, or go beyond the walls of certainty. Anybody breaking out is branded as a “rebel”. We are all born curious. But the system through which our children are raised kills that curiosity. Our “dreams” are aligned with societal norms.  This makes the children give up their dreams and passions. Expectations from their family leave the youngsters with the fear of failure, fear to take risks or to try something unconventional. 

Through the Great Indian Treasure Hunt we want to encourage more young people to gain knowledge beyond their reality, to live resourcefully, to take risks, to work in diverse teams, and to improve self-confidence, tolerance, and social skills, and be part of the change.


About our hosting partners

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